Staines 10k Staines 10k

Sunday 15th May 2016, 9am

Staines 10k

Welcome to the Staines 10K website.

Entries are closed, the race is full.

Organised by Spelthorne Borough Council, Runymede Runners and Staines Strollers, the Staines 10K aims to provide a fast flat race with the proceeds going to local deserving causes.

The Staines 10K for 2016 was held at 9am on Sunday 15th May.
Thank you to all the runners, helpers and sponsors for an excellent event.
Provisional results are now available here
and from SportSystems here.

Laleham Park Run Route

Fancy a training run? Try the Laleham Park Run Route. The route is 5km in length which is comprised of two 2.5km laps. The distance is based on running around the circumference of the park and is marked using discs mounted on wooden posts which have been funded by Run England.

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Staines 10K would like to thank all the supporters of the 2016 event.

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